Prop set to 'Cruise' for the below cross country to/from Tyler, TX, about 17 or 18 degrees. Also, a high power setting, because it was a short cross country and I was in a hurry. Result is a 10+ GPH fuel flow, and TAS in the 90s, showing what the airplane can do in this configuration.  Yes, these are knots. And, yes, the slats were in place!
Prop set to 'Climb' for the below partial cross country. About 15 or 16 degrees. Fuel Flow Starts at 12+ during WOT initial climb. Continues at 10+ during cruise climb at reduced power of about 2750 RPM; There are a couple of steps here as I adjusted fuel flow. Power then reduced to 2550 for long haul cruise. I really set the power by the GPH on the Dynon as much as by the RPM. About 5 GPH and about 70 KTS true. Fighting a strong headwind, I bumped it to 2700 or so, 6+ GPH, 75 knots or so true. My altitude control was poor, and this speed is a tad low due to an unintentional drift upward in altitude (orange line). TAS came up to about 83 knots during a long descent, same power setting. The rest of the data is meaningless because I changed my mind about destination and 'speed' descended to reach a nearby airport.
Zenith Ch750 Edition 1 "N2750"

Located at 5TX0
North of Dallas Ft. Worth
Shady Shores, TX

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